By Matthew Shaw

15th Jan, 2022 | 7:15am

Simon Jordan tears Everton and Farhad Moshiri apart in another scathing rant

Simon Jordan has taken aim at Farhad Moshiri once again in a scathing rant at Everton and their business model.

Rafa Benitez also took some of the criticism, with fans quizzing Jordan on who the next manager should be at Goodison Park already.

Moshiri did get one piece of praise, with the new stadium said to be one of the things he has finally gotten right in his reign.

Speaking on talkSPORT’s One to One, Jordan was quizzed on what Everton should look for in their next manager already.

“What sort of manager should Everton hire? A proper one,” he said. “One that is focused on doing a job, not one who is doing a favour, and not one that the owner looks at because once upon a time, he was a good manager that won things with the rivals across the city.

“Everton is a huge football club and has had a huge amount of money spent by Moshiri. Undeniable, Moshiri moving the stadium will be a great benefit.

“There’s not a lot right at Everton at the moment. The wage structure, the transfer fees – the recruitment of a manager that the fans didn’t want.

“I’m not questioning Moshiri’s financial accumbent, but the fact of the matter is, he seems to be lacking something in the understanding of the wonderful asset he’s got.”

Next manager?

Unfortunately, for the fan who sent this question in, we don’t see Benitez being shown the exit door any time soon.

Moshiri has made the very public decision to back the Spaniard, both financially this month and in the press regarding our form.

That isn’t what an owner usually does, unless he has a long-term backing of their manager, something he appears to have with Benitez.

Jordan can’t usually help himself with his scathing rants at the Toffees, but unfortunately, he is right most of the time.

Things need to change very quickly, but one of those things won’t be another manager taking the reigns from Benitez.

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