By Dan Plumley

24th May, 2023 | 7:10pm

Everton takeover news as talks need to stay behind closed doors - Finance Expert

We’re delighted to welcome football finance expert Dr Daniel Plumley as our exclusive columnist. Each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Everton...

Dan Plumley has insisted that certain details will need to remain behind closed doors as Everton continue to negotiate over new investment.

MSP Sports Capital are said to be closing in on a £100million investment after signing exclusivity papers with Farhad Moshiri, although fans have called for more transparency [Sky Sports].

The finance expert admitted it was “really tricky” for that to happen, with the club and investors wanting as much to happen behind the scenes as possible.

“I think that is the one really tricky thing with takeovers and we are talking about Everton here,” he exclusively told Goodison News.

“The club and the investors, you would want and would need as much to be done behind closed doors as possible, that’s understandable from a business point of view and I think everyone gets that, there are no arguments.

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In a non-football world, that’s how takeovers tend to happen, there will be media leaks around big corporations, but we don’t place the emotional factor on companies as we do in football. We get the nuisances of it and we get that there are certain things that need to stay behind closed doors and have to be done in that way.

The challenge going the other way, and it is a big challenge as you can sit on both sides of the fence is the fans are very much invested in this from a stakeholder point of view and everyone is aware of that. It’s always better to be as transparent as you can with a fanbase, for sure, but there aren’t certain things you cannot tell the fanbase and there will be certain things that happen at the very top at a senior level of the organisation that the fans just can’t know.

That is the balance you are dealing with if you are Everton at the minute, there is no silver bullet right answer.

You’re always striving for as much transparency with the fanbase as possible, but the fans have to be aware that there are certain things that will need to stay private and until that takeover or investment is completed, then sometimes that is how it has to be.”

Moshiri is said to be waiting until the final day of the season is over, and Premier League survival is hopefully secured before confirming any investment.

With exclusivity papers signed though, that appears to be locked in for now, so there shouldn’t be any worries about that disappearing, although it would be nice to hear about future plans.

All eyes are on Goodison Park and Everton again.