By Dan Plumley

14th Nov, 2023 | 10:10am

Premier League target India as mystery group look at Everton takeover - Finance Expert

We’re delighted to welcome football finance expert Dr Daniel Plumley as our exclusive columnist. Each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Everton

Dan Plumley has shared that the Premier League are targeting India as an area for growth after an interesting twist in the Everton takeover story.

It comes after Alan Nixon reported on 5 November that a “mystery Indian group” are waiting on 777 Partners’ takeover to collapse before making a potential move.

777 Partners have agreed to take on Farhad Moshiri’s 94.1% stake in the club, with the FA recently giving the green light to Josh Wander and Steve Pasko to become directors as the process continues [The Times].

“I think more wider, it’s an area of the world that the Premier League are looking at as potential growth in the market,” he exclusively told Goodison News.

“We know the big play on America in recent years and that will continue, there is still a lot of value to extract from that market, but India is another one they’ve cited.

Particularly, in terms of the potential for looking at fans of clubs in India as an example and that generation that the Premier League are targeting with their international fans and how they engage better with them.

Of course, it’s a hugely populated area of the world, we know it’s starting to get more of a football following, so there is potential there that India is a target market to crack.

That then transcends into potential ownership conversations in the future, as a kind of natural default, so it goes hand in hand as we know the Premier League is targeting it as a region for growth, the Indian football market is growing and the Indian FA are trying to grow the game.

There will be some fairly wealthy people in India who potentially want to own clubs, this one is still a little bit speculative as we’re not quite sure what is happening, but it stands to reason that is an area of the world that will be target for the Premier League, so maybe we will see some shifts in ownership structure as well.”

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