By Jack Cunningham

21st Jul, 2021 | 9:40pm

Jamie O'Hara: Coming eighth and winning a trophy is a good season for Everton

Pundit Jamie O’Hara has been speaking on talkSPORT about Everton and Rafael Benitez and what he expects to see from the Toffees this season.

The former Tottenham Hotspur player believes that Everton need to make some more signings, and if they could win a trophy and finish eighth, then they would have had a great season.

O’Hara believes that the likes of Andros Townsend and Asmir Begovic are good squad players, but Benitez needs more, and if he can get more, the Toffees could be in for a good season.

He said: “I think Everton need more. I think the fans are going to want more than three transfers.

“They need to set a benchmark this season because they’ve got Benitez in.

“Personally, I don’t think Begovic and Townsend are going to be the guys that get them into that sort of position [top four], but they’re decent signings for the squad.

“If they finish eighth and win a trophy, that’s a great season for Everton.

“The problem he’s got is the chips are down.

“He needs to get off to a great start because if they don’t, the fans are going to be on Benitez straight away.”

Can Everton finish eighth and win a trophy?

Benitez has a fantastic trophy record, so if anyone is going to win a trophy with this squad, it is probably him.

However, some fans weren’t too keen on his appointment, so he will have to get off to a good start to keep some fans off his back [Daily Mirror].

If he starts well and strengthens the squad more, winning a trophy and finishing in the top eight is more than achievable.

However, if he doesn’t get the signings he wants or starts poorly, he could be facing a real struggle to even keep his job.

So, Benitez needs a strong start, and that is definitely possible with the fixtures that Everton have and the squad at his disposal.

If the Toffees start well and the Spaniard gets the whole fanbase on his side, then Everton could become a real force, but it remains to be seen if that will happen or not.

In other Everton news, the Toffees are set to lose one of their star players.

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