By Jack Cunningham

7th Oct, 2021 | 8:00am

Everton opt against taking part in the safe standing trial

Everton have not made an application to take part in the safe standing trial that will take place across the Premier League.

The Liverpool Echo report that the Toffees have decided against it, and they have missed the deadline anyway as clubs had until October 6 to register their interest.

The club are focused solely on the development of the Bramley-Moore Dock stadium, and there will be standing sections in both the North and South stands, but they have no intention of doing anything to Goodison Park.

A shame for Everton fans.

Ultimately, it is correct that the club prioritises the new stadium and making any temporary changes to Goodison now would be an odd decision.

However, you still must feel a little bit sorry for the Toffees fans who will watch their rivals all standing from New Year’s Day onwards.

So, while we see why the club are against it, we also feel bad for the loyal supporters who won’t be allowed to stand at Goodison Park while other fans in the league will.

You have to balance up what is worth it in the long term, and the Toffees’ focus is 100% on the new ground, so there would be little point in making a few changes to Goodison in the short term.

However, this decision could still anger Toffees fans, who might just have to trust the club with this one and look forward to standing at games in 2024 when the new ground opens [New Civil Engineer].

In other Everton news, the club have been dealt a blow in their pursuit of one international star.

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