By Pranav Shahaney

13th Oct, 2021 | 7:43am

Everton vocal in opposition to recent Newcastle takeover

Everton were reportedly one of the most vocal to express their dissent over the Newcastle takeover in a recent meeting with the other 18 Premier League clubs.

According to The Daily Mail, an “extraordinary” meeting took place where the other clubs chose not to invite Newcastle.

The takeover, which went through last week, was vehemently opposed by most of the top-half clubs, with the Toffees being one to lead the charge against the new Newcastle owners.

Self-interests or moral awakenings?

We’re not sure why the Premier League heavyweights, especially ones who were so keen on a breakaway Super League, are now suddenly opposing super-rich owners in the league.

They’re probably worried that Newcastle might come in and have a Manchester City-esque renaissance that would upset the orthodoxy prevalent currently in the English top flight.

With regards to Everton, we believe that the club is being genuine as they were similarly vocal against the Super League from going ahead.

However, we see little point in having meetings like these as they’re probably going to serve as nothing but a waste of people’s time.

The Saudi-led consortium got their way after their year-long quest to buy the club and allowing the Premier League to be broadcast legally there will only mean more eyeballs and more money going into the league’s coffers.

There’s a minute possibility of this suddenly being reversed and we’ve got to deal with the fact that there is another super-rich club to add to the competition in the Premier League.

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