By Declan Walsh

28th Nov, 2021 | 5:30pm

Mike Parry in bizarre Calvert-Lewin rant as Everton star appears in TV advert during Brentford loss

Ex-talkSPORT host Mike Parry has gone on a bizarre rant about Dominic Calvert-Lewin appearing in a television advert during the Everton game on Sunday.

At half-time, Parry was left “appalled” after the injured Blues striker starred in a Braun shaving advert at half-time while Rafa Benitez’s side was 1-0 down away at Brentford.

Bizarrely, Parry has taken issue with the fact that Calvert-Lewin appeared in the advertisement and that it was aired during an Everton match.

Speaking on Twitter, the perplexing broadcaster said: “Is this really Everton centre-forward Calvert-Lewin advertising a shaver on TV at half-time of the live coverage of our game as Everton are losing 1-0?

“He’s too injured to play but fit enough to be in an advert. I despair.”

Parry added: “The game is live. Of course, the ad has been pre-recorded and it’s so long and multi-visual I reckon it could have taken a couple of days to film.

“Then it’s slotted into the half-time break of today’s game as Everton are losing. Is anybody out there as appalled as me?”

He’s lost the plot

If anyone lives near Parry, could they go and knock on his door and check if he’s alright? Because these tweets are the ramblings of someone who can completely lost the plot.

We don’t even know where to start.

He’s actually mad that Calvert-Lewin is out injured right now and has appeared in a television advert.

No one knows when that advert was produced – it could have been months ago. But Parry seems to think it’s happening live or something because why else would he be furious about DCL’s appearance on the television at half-time?

It’s as if he thinks that injured footballers cannot do anything.

Calvert-Lewin has been missing since August with what was initially a fractured toe and is now sidelined with a thigh injury.

We didn’t realise that those kinds of injuries stop a player from shaving or standing in front of a camera – but clearly Parry thinks they do.

It’s actually crazy that this has come to Parry’s head – someone who’s worked in the media industry and should know that an advert with DCL in is going to do a lot better during an Everton game than any other time.

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