By Beck Pascal

22nd Jan, 2022 | 7:10pm

Mike Parry vows to put 'pressure' on Everton owner Farhad Moshiri

Mike Parry has vowed to put the pressure on Everton owner Farhad Moshiri after he increased his share in the club. 

Moshiri has spent over £500million since 2016 to ensure the Toffees success with little joy as of yet, and Parry, another small shareholder wants answers.

The British-Iranian businessman has proven his unwavering commitment to Everton Football Club by increasing his stake to 94.1%. 

Parry responded to the news using his personal Twitter account by saying: “Amazingly I own a bit of the rest (along with quite a few other fans)

“I’ll start putting the pressure on.”

Money down the drain

Moshiri is going to bankrupt himself with his unwavering financial support for the Blues. 

Normally huge cash influxes would help teams progress but, in this case, it has actually seen Everton move backwards. 

Other than the new stadium that hopefully the Toffees will enter under better circumstances, he hasn’t done an awful lot for the club. 

Without a proper structure in place at the club, his money has done more harm than good. 

He has allowed several different managers a huge budget with each being as unsuccessful as the last, creating a mismatch of players which makes the next managers job that much harder. 

The Blues have forked out an extortionate fee in compensation fees to their failed managers as well as huge wage bills for players who haven’t deserved it for the best part of ten years. 

Signings like James Rodriguez sum the club up at the minute. He came in with a whopping £200k weekly wage which he completely failed to justify and forced his way out the moment Carlo Ancelotti departed.  

Moshiri needs to rethink his plan from top to bottom if he wants his investments in the club to pay off.

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