By Pranav Shahaney

23rd Jan, 2022 | 12:40pm

Robbie Fowler delivers honest verdict on Moshiri and Everton

Robbie Savage has torn into Farhad Moshiri for how he handled the entire situation of Rafa Benitez and his Everton sacking in January.

He fired shots at the club slogan too and claims that they think small because of that very reason.

The Liverpool legend was also unimpressed by how Lucas Digne was allowed to leave only for Benitez to be sacked a few days later.

In the Sunday Mirror (23/01/22, pg 69), Fowler wrote, “I’m tempted to suggest they’re more widely known as The Laughing Stock. They axed Rafa Benitez just days after he sold a popular and important player.

“I think I will probably get slaughtered for saying this but this whole ‘People’s Club’ is a massive mistake for Everton and has been dragging them down for years. What does it actually mean?

“Six managers in six years under Farhad Moshiri resonates far more than some glib slogan that’s an excuse for being sub-standard.”

Spot on

Fowler absolutely hit the mark with this assessment and Moshiri must be embarrassed at what he’s let this club become.

Along with him, even Bill Kenwright deserves to take the blame as he was supposed to be the football guy supposed to be making the right decisions.

This has been a systemic failure from top to bottom and the buck needs to stop somewhere before things get further out of hand for the Toffees.

Duncan Ferguson is unlikely to succeed in this current system and he would be needing more help from the higher-ups to succeed.

Ideally, someone more experienced must come in and take over who’ll bring in his backroom staff to sort things out at the club.

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