By Joe Ellis

12th May, 2022 | 5:10pm

Everton remarks by Sean Dyche clarified in first interview after Burnley sacking

Sean Dyche ruffled a few feathers at Everton earlier this season after he revealed his half-time team talk in Burnley’s 3-2 against the Toffees.

Poor form meant that soon after the Clarets had beaten Frank Lampard’s side, Dyche was sacked and Mike Jackson has come in to drag them out of the relegation zone on goal difference.

In his first interview after being sacked by the club he spent more than nine years managing, Dyche moved to clarify those comments on the Second Captains Podcast.

“You’ve got to remember we’d just beat Everton on the Wednesday, and performed really well, particularly in the second half,” Dyche said. “We deserved it. It’s important actually. I got a lot of heat, I made a really innocent comment in that game – which I spoke to Frank Lampard directly about actually, and people forget that.

“He, just to be clear, said that – he said ‘I’ve spoke to Sean’. I got his number and I made sure I said that this has been completely misconstrued. If you watch the whole interview when I clearly said ‘I’ve been down this road a number of times, and sometimes you just forget almost how to win a game’. And that all of a sudden becomes I’ve got some sleight or some angle or some this or that – which I wasn’t.

“When it went out I said, ‘I’m not having that’. And I don’t normally do this but I thought I’d reach out to Frank because it’s not on, which I did. I didn’t go and tell the world I did that, I just kept it between me and him. He graciously said, ‘No no, I’ve spoke to Sean, all is fine’. Of course, that story can’t go away so quickly, so then it grows wings a little bit – and you’re like woah woah, everyone’s forgetting the fact that the two people involved said fair’s fair.”

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Move on

This was obviously something that had been grinding Dyche’s gears for some time so he clearly needed to get things off his chest in this interview.

We’ve all moved past those comments now that he’s been given the boot and we are now ahead of Burnley in the league table and they are much more in trouble than we are.

It’s clear that Dyche and Lampard both cleared the air as soon as these comments were taken out of context and neither has any kind of issue with the other.

Some aspects of the media are far too keen to blow up the tiniest of quotes to make it sound dramatic and create drama and tension when there very rarely is.

Now though we can all bury it far under the carpet and never bring it up again unless Dyche all of a sudden takes over from Lampard at Goodison Park.

In other Everton news, Paul Clement was seething with what he saw the Toffees do in their 0-0 draw against Watford.

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