By Beck Pascal

20th May, 2022 | 7:10pm

Simon Jordan goes berserk reacting to Everton pitch invasion last night

Simon Jordan has gone berserk in his no-nonsense response to pitch invaders after Everton fans celebrated their Premier League safety by flooding onto the pitch. 

Frank Lampard’s side are now safe after beating Crystal Palace 3-2 in the penultimate game of the season – leaving Leeds United and Burnley fighting it out on Sunday [May 22]. 

A dampener was put on the celebrations after Eagles boss Patrick Vieira lashed out at a fan who was goading him. 

When asked about Thursday [May 19] night’s Goodison Park scenes, Jordan said as per talkSPORT: “Who wants to be a miserable sod and say people can’t do that, right? 

“That’s the one thing. The other side of it is what has goading and antagonising the opposition go to do with celebrating?” 

He added: “There is a society that lives on social media that thinks it can say and do what it wants on social media – what it does and then believes it can lift itself and actually do that crap in real-time. 

“Football needs to think clearly about these things and think clearly about if it wants to stop people going on the pitch. 

“Not to stop the celebrations but to stop the behaviour that is manifesting itself then it has to step up and be professional in what it does.”


There is always one idiot and unfortunately, he has cast a massive cloud over a brilliant night for Everton Football Club. 

We have seen it with a few pitch invasions recently – there is always going to be one person who doesn’t know how to behave and that shouldn’t spoil the fun for everyone. 

There were actually Toffees calming down Vieira and putting themselves in-between him and the fan and that is what needs focussing on more than the incident.

It is such a shame the Everton and Scousers are now going to be tarred under the same brush as this muppet.

Other than that, it was an incredible night at Goodison Park. One that will live on in the memories of every Blue for a very long time.

The relegation dog fight looked to be going all the way to the final day of the season but the players pulled it out of the back and fair play to them. 

Now, the Merseysiders can put an end to this nightmare of a campaign.

In other Everton news, Yet another European giant who have enjoyed recent major success are eyeing a move for a key Everton man, according to a report.

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