By Goodison News speaking to Kevin Campbell

20th May, 2022 | 9:10pm

Sky Sports pundit convinced of Liverpool bias to analysis of Everton referee controversies

We’re delighted to welcome former Everton striker Kevin Campbell as our exclusive columnist. Each week the former Toffees captain will be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Goodison Park…

Kevin Campbell is certain that there is a Liverpool bias at play when the likes of Graeme Souness and Jamie Carragher analyse Everton incidents.

Both the former Reds players said that the controversial decision from Michael Oliver not to award Richarlison a penalty against Brentford was correct, with Gary Neville admitting he was surprised by Carragher’s position.

With Everton securing Premier League survival in the subsequent game against Crystal Palace the Bees loss wasn’t ultimately crucial, but Sky Sports pundit Campbell can’t quite believe the number of “shocking” decisions that have gone against them along the way.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, without a shadow of a doubt,” he told Goodison News on the prospect of Liverpool bias playing into the analysis.

“But listen, I understand why they think [the Richarlison decision] shouldn’t be given. Because he’s grabbing the shirt but he’s upright and all that kind of thing. 

“Richarlison doesn’t go down, but he’s grabbing his shirt. He’s impeding him. 

“He’s grabbing his shirt for a long time. I think Gary Neville went through it – there’s times when you grab it and there’s times when you’ve got to let go, and he doesn’t let go!

“And the referee was right there so again, especially with what happened after you’d they would look at the whole video of what happened first. 

“But obviously this is another one that goes against Everton. Everton have been on the end of some shocking refereeing decisions, and that’s another one, because really it should be a penalty at the other end. 

“What that does is it puts you down to 10 men, and although you’re 1-0 up and you go in 2-1, you’ve still got a mountain to climb.”

Although Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s dramatic late winner ended up making it a moot point, the Thursday (19 May) game against the Eagles wasn’t without it’s own obligatory refereeing issue.

Jordan Ayew scythed down Anthony Gordon over the ball on the sideline, minutes before he put the visitors two up.

Many felt he shouldn’t have been on the pitch to do so, yet Anthony Taylor produced a yellow and VAR Mike Dean was happy with it, but no matter how many decisions go against them against Arsenal on Sunday (22 May) the team now has the luxury of not worrying about the outcome.

In other Everton news, after finally securing Premier League survival it could already be back in doubt.

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