By George Overhill

29th May, 2022 | 9:10pm

Everton Women expert shares Supporters' Club 'Spirit of the Blues' Award pick Aurora Galli

We’re delighted to welcome Peter MacFarlane, member of the Everton Women Official Supporters Club, as our exclusive Everton Women expert.

After the Young Player award for Hanna Bennison Everton Women expert Peter MacFarlane shared the “Spirit of the Blues” award from the Supporters’ Club.

Another new signing last summer it is Italian midfielder Aurora “Yaya” Galli, who arrived ahead of the season from Juventus fresh from a dominant period for the Turin giants, and has become a vital first-team player.

Although the circumstances through the season have led to a far cry from the regular medals the 25-year-old was accustomed to with Juve she has kept spirits up throughout, hence the award, and MacFarlane has commented on the reasons for the win.

Speaking to Goodison News he said: “Yaya joined in the summer of 2021 and became the first Italian to play, and score, in the FAWSL. 

“Her positive energy both on and off the pitch are infectious and she has instantly made a connection with the supporters, even during difficult times. 

“A shining example of positivity which we felt fully deserved recognition.

“Yaya Fantastica, Yaya Magnifica”.

On the distinction of being a groundbreaker in the WSL for her country Galli told the club’s official website last month: “I’m very happy and honoured that I can be the first Italian player to score in this league, but I want to inspire more girls back home to join me on this journey of playing in England.

“If I can show others what this league is about, the emotion it brings to play here, then maybe that’s a step closer for other girls to come here, too.”

The top flight in England still skews heavily towards home grown players but as investment in the league and the clubs increases the ability to sign highly-rated international talent will increase with it, meaning Galli is sure to be a trailblazer for further Italian players to follow in her footsteps.

In other Everton news, a BT Sport pundit has told a European finalist this year to sign a talented young Toffees player from the mens team if “the money is right”.

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