By Goodison News speaking to Kevin Campbell

15th Jun, 2022 | 8:11am

Sky Sports pundit predicts Richarlison move from Everton to Tottenham won't happen

We’re delighted to welcome former Everton striker Kevin Campbell as our exclusive columnist. Each week the former Toffees captain will be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Goodison Park…

Everton star Richarlison is not going to move to Tottenham if he faces the prospect of sitting on the bench, according to Kevin Campbell.

UOL Esporte journalist Bruno Andrade reported on Twitter on 11 June that Spurs were in talks to sign the Toffees star for €60million, and according to the same publication the Brazilian is against a move to European champions Real Madrid in case he struggles for minutes and misses the World Cup.

He therefore supposedly prefers a move to either Tottenham or Chelsea, but with Harry Kane, Son Hueng-min and Dejan Kulusevski looking fairly set in North London Sky Sports pundit Campbell has a feeling that a switch to them will not happen.

On the subject of playing time he told Goodison News: “That’s the whole point isn’t it?

“If you’re going to go to one of these sides who are in the Champions League or playing in Europe, obviously you need a big squad because there’s going to be a lot of turnaround.

“Everybody isn’t going to play every game, that’s for sure. 

“So that’s what, probably, Antonio Conte is trying to do. 

“He’s trying to get a squad together who can compete at every level. Maybe that’s the question for Spurs.

“But the question for Richarlison is, he’s coming from a place where he’s starting.

“The key is does he trade that to be a squad player basically? Or part of a rotation?

“So that’s the question he’s got to ask himself really, and answer. 

“That’s why I am not so sure it happens because I’m sure he’s going to want to play week-in week-out. 

“We’re talking about a Brazilian international, World Cup coming up.

“He doesn’t want to be on no bench.

“He’s not going to come. There’s no point in thinking about an angry Richarlison [if he’s stuck on the bench]. 

“Richarlison is not going to go if he’s not going to be playing.”

Champions League football is certainly a draw, especially in comparison to the relegation battle he has just been engaged in.

And if a club spends money on a player they should have a plan to play him, but there is no guarantee and the competition in the attacking positions looks formidable under Conte.

The uncertainty surrounding the futures of numerous of the Stamford Bridge equivalents makes a bid from the manager’s former side seem more attractive if it arrives, so the current talks are perhaps not a foregone conclusion.

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