By Joe Ellis

27th Jun, 2022 | 5:10pm

Everton ace Andros Townsend tears into Jurgen Klopp amid 22/23 rule change

The 2022-23 Premier League season will see five substitutes available for each side and Everton winger Andros Townsend thinks he knows who is behind it.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was by far the most vocal manager in the top-flight asking for two additional substitutes to use after his side played in every possible game during last season.

Townsend, 30, hinted during an interview with talkSPORT that the FA had given in to the German’s persistent begging to give him what he wanted.

“I love how Jurgen Klopp has found a way to get his way again,” he said. “He’s been moaning for years. They have been pushing back and finally they have given in and given him his five subs.

And he will probably still use two or three in the biggest games. But, hey, who are we to argue with him? I think in the biggest games Liverpool and City, they use one or two subs. They don’t use the full three subs.

“I don’t think it makes it less competitive. It’s still going to be the most competitive league in the world. I just think it gives those top sides an extra advantage.

“Hopefully my side is one of those teams that will have the advantage with the squad that we’re looking to build.”


Seeing the FA and the Premier League give Liverpoolexactly what they want is nothing new to anyone and we’re almost becoming numb to it all now.

No other manager has been all that desperate to have five substitutes integrated into the game nor have we seen any real issues with having only three.

But because Klopp, the media’s darling, is asking for it, he gets it.

Frank Lampard would have been laughed out of town had he made such a suggestion and he is one of England’s greatest ever players.

There, sadly, isn’t much we can do as Everton because anything we say against Liverpool will be seen as petty rivalry by the media but the rest of the league needs to get a backbone too.

We have managed by having just three substitutes per game for decades across the world and it was only COVID-19 that brought about this five-sub rule so now the virus is all but gone, the same should have happened to this rule.