By Pranav Shahaney

6th Jul, 2022 | 10:40am

Frank Lampard and Kevin Thelwell hold several meetings to bring about changes at Everton

Frank Lampard and Kevin Thelwell reportedly held several summer meetings in order to bring about changes at Everton.

According to Toffee TV host Barry Cass, they decided to implement behind-the-scenes changes in terms of nutrition and professionalism, among other things.

This has now become more important due to the FFP constraints which is going to hamstring the Blues in the transfer market.

Via Twitter, Cass wrote, “Frank Lampard and Kevin Thelwell decided after a series of summer meetings to make some changes at FF in an attempt to improve areas of nutrition/professionalism etc to help the squad access marginal gains. More Important than ever now given FFP constraints.”

Good to see

Lampard and Thelwell have been working in tandem from the outset and it’s good to see them coming to similar conclusions over how things should function behind the scenes.

It’s clear for anyone on the outside to see that things have not been smooth behind closed doors at Goodison Park.

The higher-ups at the club have not been singing from the same hymn sheet and it has led to dismal performances on and off the pitch.

The appointment of Rafa Benitez, Marcelo Brands and the colossal wastage on transfers have all added up which has led to the mess the club are in currently.

It’s unrealistic to have too many expectations from the coming season, especially after losing arguably their best outfielder in Richarlison.

It remains to be seen how much Everton are allowed to spend in the current window as Lampard clearly needs some fresh blood injected into this squad.