By Joe Ellis

6th Sep, 2022 | 6:10am

Everton offside goal causes disagreement between two ex-FIFA officials

Everton could feel aggrieved to not take all three points in the Merseyside derby after Conor Coady’s goal was overturned for offside.

The England international was in an offside position but Liverpool midfielder James Milner got a touch on the ball as the cross came in from the left-hand side which could have eradicated the decision.

Dermot Gallagher, though, explained on Sky Sports that he believed Milner was not intentionally playing the ball and therefore the VAR couldn’t take it into account when making its decision.

But fellow ex-FIFA official Keith Hackett was not in agreement with Gallagher and took to Twitter to make his point known to the world.

“So a block tackle by a defender is not a deliberate play. What is it then Dermot?” he said and many Evertonians were in agreement with Hackett in the replies.

Big six bias

Even in a Merseyside derby at Goodison Park, Everton could not get a decision to go their way and that’s before you consider the potential red card tackle from Virgil van Dijk on Amadou Onana.

It seems to be more common than ever that the traditional big six clubs are getting favourable decisions from referees on the field and VAR at Stockley Park and it can’t be accepted anymore.

Most fans can admit that they are likely to earn more penalties because they are in the opposition box more than most but it seems like they all get a free pass when they concede because VAR will find some reason to rule it out.

Those sat on their backsides operating the technology are getting too power hungry and almost want to be the centre of attention and it is causing the beautiful game to slowly die in front of our very eyes.