By George Overhill

11th Sep, 2022 | 8:10am

Frank Lampard job vital as £810million-valued Everton in Forbes top 20

Everton are ranked as the 16th-most valuable club in the whole of world football according to Forbes business magazine, which highlights the crucial job Frank Lampard did last season.

In a list with Real Madrid and Barcelona occupying the top two spots, the next 18 contain 11 teams from the Premier League, including five outside the so-called “Big Six”.

Manchester United are the highest ranked of the English sides in third position, but it is the final five spots on the list which highlight just how crucial membership of the top flight in this country is to the Toffees.

Following Everton are Leicester, West Ham, Leeds and Aston Villa, all decent-sized clubs with long histories but none currently considered European heavyweights, and with two only promoted from the Championship within the previous three years.

The financial might of the Premier League is therefore on full display, and the fact that the Toffees are valued at $940million [£810million] despite the the financial issues, the reduced spending, and the relegation battle shows how unthinkable it would have been to be relegated in that context in May.

Lampard is frequently derided from the outside, with the favourite line being that he “took Everton from 16th to 16th” as a way to suggest that he hasn’t done anything.

But, while he is sure to be far from the finished article as a manager yet and may well have had an easy ride in getting the Derby and Chelsea jobs right out of the gate as a coach, the late-season transformation that he brought about in the previous campaign was pivotal.

The ownership of Farhad Moshiri has been turbulent, and that was never truer than during the ill-fated Rafael Benitez reign and subsequent manager search.

That Lampard came in at that point, with a day left to rush through a pair of signings who made little impact, and had to somehow lift a squad that appeared broken and defeated was a major task.

The tactical change to emulate former boss Jose Mourinho’s backs-to-the-wall set up at the same time as engaging the fanbase to provide one of the strongest motivational lifts possible as things went down the wire was key, and the outpouring of emotion during and after the 3-2 comeback win over Crystal Palace on the night safety was secured showed it.

The comparison has been drawn with Steven Gerrard who is currently under pressure at Aston Villa, as both the ex-England midfielders have similar records, but the circumstances the respective ownerships have provided feel very different.

With the Bramley-Moore Dock stadium development taking shape the value of the club is sure to grow further as long as top flight participation continues, and after a dramatic transfer window it looks like the manager is building a squad to ensure it.

He helped the club dodge a massive bullet last season and for that he doesn’t get enough praise outside of Goodison Park.

But now deadline day is finally passed and key exits have been avoided he has to build on the unbeaten run of draws to start getting wins on the board and pushing up the table.