By Matthew Shaw

15th Sep, 2022 | 7:10pm

Everton bank £117m from Premier League as Kieran Maguire praises democratic pay split

Everton earned more than £117million from their Premier League payments in the 2021-22 season, with Kieran Maguire sharing the figures for all 20 clubs.

The Finance Expert has praised the democratic way that prize money is split between the clubs, whether they finished at the top or at the bottom.

Norwich became the first side ever to finish bottom to earn more than £100million, with merit payments taking the Toffees higher despite their shocking season.

Sharing on his personal Twitter account, Maguire shared the figures earned by each club in the last Premier League season, with those even at the bottom raking it in.

“Whilst the Premier League comes in for a lot of criticism at times one of the things that it has historically got right is the democratic way in which it distributes money between clubs,” he wrote.

“Norwich became the first side finishing bottom to earn £100m+ in prize money.”

Huge figures.

This is only rising with each year, but Farhad Moshiri will be rubbing his hands together.

Everton and their financial trouble have been widely reported on over the past year, but staying in the Premier League despite our trouble was always critical to stay afloat.

These figures are why.

Bringing in around £117million despite scraping past the threat of relegation is huge, and the difference to the Championship as things stand is frightening.

The Toffees would have been in real trouble, especially with the money spent in the transfer window and the new stadium being built, but that is something we don’t have to worry about, for now.

Frank Lampard will want to re-establish the club as a top-half side in the Premier League, and his work with the defence is clear, now the attack needs that before we look at that goal.

That would take £117million to more like £125million each year, and every penny counts.