By Pranav Shahaney

20th Sep, 2022 | 5:10pm

Kieran Maguire makes £264m Everton claim after Premier League propose wage cap introductions

Everton could reportedly be restricted to a wage cap of £155million should the new rules come into play, but amortisation of the wages may see it rise further.

According to football finance expert and author of the Price of Football blog Kieran Maguire, £264million is the expected figure for the Toffees.

This calculation comes after The Times reported on Tuesday [20 September], that will cap wages at 90 per cent for the calendar year 2023, 80 per cent for 2024 and 70 per cent from 2025.

Via Twitter, Maguire wrote, “Also, introduction of a ‘soft’ wage cap (including transfer & agent fees) set as a % of income. This will bake in existing gaps within the Premier League and make it difficult for clubs with new owners such as Newcastle to challenge the existing elite.”

Changes upcoming

Whether we like it or not, the Premier League look all set to impose these changes and they could affect the dynamic of the English game.

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They do not seem to want stories like Manchester City to take place again and this could disadvantage teams like Newcastle, as it has been mentioned above.

For Everton, they did spend over the top over the last few years and found themselves foul of FFP which led to them having a quiet summer last year.

They had their chance to become an established top-eight club and had all the tools needed to go there – lots of money as well as a competent manager who just won the Champions League last season.

However, poor recruitment led to their decline and saw them going the other way which even resulted in them fighting a relegation battle.

These rules may not be ideal for the Toffees but their revenues are greater so that would certainly give them an advantage.