By Joe Ellis

4th Oct, 2022 | 11:10am

Everton v Manchester United kick-off time explained as BT hold firm

Everton will now take on Manchester United on Sunday at 7pm due to BT Sport demanding to broadcast the game, according to the Daily Mail.

The clash between the two sides was already due to take place in front of BT Sport’s cameras but their usual 12:30pm slot on a Saturday is unavailable due to United’s participation in the Europa League on Thursday.

There is a Premier League rule which states that any team playing in Europe on either Wednesday or Thursday are ineligible for the 12:30pm kick-off on Saturday.

All other match slots before then are taken by Sky Sports which left 7pm on Sunday as the final option available to BT and the Premier League to get the game broadcast.

It could have been pushed back just a few hours but BT Sport were adamant that they wanted to broadcast that game live across the UK and the decision was taken to give them what they wanted.


In this instance, BT, the Premier League and both clubs are very fortunate that they are fairly local to each other in the grand scheme of things.

Fans should be able to make it back home at a reasonably sensible time which would have not been the case had this been West Ham away at Newcastle, for example.

Both BT Sport and Sky Sports must take a really good look at themselves and their seemingly blase attitude towards communication between each other and rectify that for the next time such an instance could occur.

United are likely to be on TV more often than most due to the huge numbers they bring in so this might not be the last time this happens to them, nor Everton.

The Toffees will have Carabao Cup games to come that could be scheduled for a Wednesday and put them out of the lunchtime kick-off on a Saturday too, judging by the new Premier League rules.