By Matthew Shaw

14th Nov, 2022 | 10:10am

Spokesman for Farhad Moshiri perplexed by Everton questioning as debts balloon past £100million

Everton have seen their debt with Rights and Media Funding Limited rise to £150million in recent years as borrowing continues at Goodison Park, according to The Guardian.

Mainly secured against property surrounding Goodison Park, extra borrowing has continued to take place since 2021 alone, with changes in place on Companies House.

A spokesman for Moshiri has insisted he is “perplexed” by the questioning into the matter, as he still looks for more funding for the Bramley-Moore Dock site despite work continuing.

Writing in their latest piece for The Guardian, Simon Goodley shared the worrying state of affairs currently coming from the blue half of Merseyside.

“Today, the majority of Everton’s current external loans – largely secured on property around Goodison Park – have been taken out with a company called Rights and Media Funding Limited (RMFL),” they wrote.

“Since June 2021, the team’s debt to RMFL is believed to have ballooned to £150m, with the extra borrowing revealed by two further charges on the club’s assets filed at Companies House.

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“A spokesman for Moshiri said he was ‘perplexed’ by the Guardian’s questions about the club’s finances and suggested there was no public interest in analysing the club’s funding. He added that Everton was in rude financial health with access and relationships to a range of well-known lenders.”


How can this be the case when the findings are in black and white for everyone to see?

There is a sense of nervousness around the club right now again, with things on the pitch turning into a shambles and things off of it looking even worst it seems.

Moshiri has pumped millions into the club in recent years and it has kept the Toffees alive given how bad the accounts have looked even after that.

So, this new £150million debt doesn’t exactly fill us with joy and add that to the fact that even more funding is needed for the new stadium and that figure is only going to rise.

Rival clubs did challenge the accounts of the Toffees last season, Leeds and Burnley to be specific, showing that others are starting to take notice.

This cannot be another reason for others to start sniffing around, so it can’t be allowed to get any worst with the finances taking a real pummelling right now.

Fingers crossed this can be resolved soon, it’s not a good look for Everton.