By George Overhill

16th Nov, 2022 | 10:40am

David Seaman delivers Jordan Pickford England verdict after Everton blunders

Jordan Pickford is the England number one for the World Cup despite his errors for Everton, according to long-time Three Lions keeper David Seaman.

The Toffees player dropped a shot in front of Marcus Tavernier to set Bournemouth on their second three-goal victory in a week on Saturday (12 November), and conceded a penalty to Harry Kane at Tottenham (15 October), but has otherwise been one of the club’s strongest performers.

With Arsenal and Newcastle flying high both Aaron Ramsdale and Nick Pope are in the squad, and the inevitable questions over Pickford’s place have resurfaced, but Gunners legend Seaman sees no room for a change.

Speaking on talkSPORT breakfast on Wednesday morning (16 November, 9.41am) Laura Woods asked: “Are you happy with Pickford in goal, would you go with somebody else?”

Seaman responded: “No, Jordan’s the number one. He’s not let England down at all.

“I know he’s made a few mistakes recently but when you look at what he’s achieved with England, the way he played at the end of last season for Everton, he was quality under pressure.

“So Jordan’s number one and then the battle is on for who is number two, with Aaron and Nick, but the only worrying thing is neither of them have got a lot of caps.

“If Jordan was to get injured, touch wood he doesn’t, it’s going to be interesting to see who he picks as his number two.”


Pickford can produce four starring performances in five but as soon as he makes a mistake there are calls for him to be replaced for England.

The scrutiny comes with the territory as the national team starter, but he hasn’t been out of form in a way that would convince Gareth Southgate to make a switch at this point.

He has been called upon to be the key man in more games than fans would have like under Frank Lampard in the past year, and while the situation isn’t quite the same since the defence was strengthened by James Tarkowski and Conor Coady, he still comes under a fair amount of pressure at Everton.

If Pickford was seen as unreliable it is unlikely that Tottenham [TEAMtalk, 8 November] and Manchester United [Telegraph, 24 September] would be shortlisting him to replace Hugo Lloris or David de Gea.

Both has happened in recent months, and it is a source of slight concern that a contract extension hasn’t been confirmed yet.

If Everton continue to struggle this season, after barely escaping relegation last year, his international status could contribute to a desire to move in the hopes of playing in Europe, so it remains a potentially uncomfortable situation for the club.