By Sam Stone

18th Nov, 2022 | 2:10pm

LADbible mocks Everton amid speculation Twitter is dying

LADbible have mocked Everton amid specultion of Twitter potentially closing down after new demands from its new owner Elon Musk.

Twitter has recently closed its offices (The Guardian, 18 November) after Musk demanded employees to work “long hours at high intensity” or leave. It’s understood hundreds of the remaining staff opted to depart.

Managing editor of tech site Platformer, Zoë Schiffer, revealed (via Twitter, 17 November) Twitter has alerted its employees that all office buildings have been closed, with no details given as to why.

LADbible has amazingly seen the potential closure as an excellent opportunity to mock Everton. They tweeted (18 November): “BREAKING: Twitter to rebrand itself as ‘Everton Football Club’ as it’s almost certainly going down.”

Good stuff

This is one for Evertonians to laugh at. The biggest social media platform on the planet is about to implode, yet, someone can still find a way to mock Everton. It’s commendable, and sometimes you just have to admire it. The harsh reality is, LADbible probably aren’t far off being right considering the poor form Lampard’s side have shown in recent times.

If Twitter does “shut down” it will be a shock to the system of many football fans. Where would we all get out daily fix of Everton from? The majority of our football news comes from scrolling through Twitter to get instant updates from journalists, managers and players.

It’s hard to imagine Musk actually allowing Twitter to completely die, so let’s hope that for the time being, we will be able to utilise it to keep us up-to-date with everything Everton-related. For the Toffees relegation cannot be considered this season, with the stunning new stadium built, dropping down to the Championship could be financially crippling for the club.