By Sean Fisher

23rd Nov, 2022 | 9:10pm

Cristiano Ronaldo attempted to use 'feverish' and 'hostile' Everton atmosphere as case defence

Cristiano Ronaldo was fined £50,000 for his actions against Everton fans in April, and cited the Goodison Park atmosphere in his case defence.

It was revealed on Wednesday morning that Ronaldo was handed a two-match ban and a £50,000 fine by the FA over the incident where he slapped a phone out of an Everton fan’s hand back in April.

The Toffees had just beaten Manchester United 1-0 in the Premier League and Ronaldo, on his way back to the dressing room, was recorded swatting the phone. The case has now concluded, and he cited the “feverish” Everton atmosphere in his defence.

The FA published the case and the findings of the IRC (Independent Regulatory Commission), which included Ronaldo’s defence: “In his [Ronaldo’s] typed response he described the atmosphere at the match as “feverish” and others as hostile.

“He was injured by a heavy tackle late in the match but remained on the pitch. The MUFC players left the pitch by way of a walkway which was not the regular players’ tunnel.

“The said walkway took them close to Everton supporters/followers, which of itself was a cause for concern. The walkway was open and formed by metal barriers on either side. The crowd was aggressive and he and other MUFC players were abused by Everton supporters/followers as they left the pitch.”


Ronaldo’s excuse and defence is laughable. His actions were completely out of order and inexcusable regardless of any atmosphere or fans.

His lack of professionalism was exposed and his apology to the victim fell extremely short of the mark.

Goodison Park has always been complimented by ex-players and fans for having a fierce atmosphere and it’s something that one of hte world’s best players should have vast experience in handling. The eventual fine and match ban is probably soft considering his actions and lack of respect even after the incident.

Regarding the “feverish” atmosphere, most Evertonians will take that as a compliment. The Toffees were fighting for survival at the point and were extremely elated at an impressive three points gained at home.

Should Ronaldo ever return to Goodison Park – which looks unlikely after his recent outburst – he can expect an even more “hostile” and “feverish” reaction from one of the most loyal fanbases in the world.