By Pranav Shahaney

24th Nov, 2022 | 9:10pm

Everton continue to isolate themselves from hardcore supporters after major Thursday announcement

Everton confirmed their pricing and renewal timeline for the tickets of the 2023/24 campaign and took to their official website to share the news.

In a move that will not have gone well with the fans, the Toffees decided to impose a hike on the season tickets.

Given the cost of living crisis and the club’s recent performances on the pitch, it’s not a move that can be explained to the hardcore match going fans. journalist Joe Strange took to Twitter to make a remark that would resonate with a number of supporters.

He wrote, “Season tickets up by another 10% after a similar increase last year. Over £100 more for 2023-24 than 2021-22. Seems like a lot given the quality of football at Goodison recently.”

The relationship with fans is already strained, especially after the appointment of Rafa Benitez, and such things are not going to help allay any of those worries.

Rather than living up to the motives of being a club for the fans, they’re further moving away from them and only care about the money, not the people providing the money.

The hikes on the website say 10 per cent, but everything is over that amount and that’s another convenient way for the club to get the most money possible from the fans.

Everton fans must protest against these ridiculous decisions taken by the board.