By Goodison News speaking to Kevin Campbell

25th Nov, 2022 | 6:10pm

We’re delighted to welcome former Everton striker Kevin Campbell as our exclusive columnist. Each week the former Toffees captain will be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Goodison Park…

Roberto Martinez might be more experienced now but “ended pretty badly” at Everton so the club should not bring him back, says Kevin Campbell.

Farhad Moshiri wanted to re-appoint the man he fired soon after taking over ownership of the club in January before he brought in Frank Lampard, and is continuing to monitor the Spaniard whose current Belgium contract is set to expire following the World Cup after talks over an extension were halted.

But Sky Sports pundit Campbell isn’t in favour of going back, and wants Lampard to be given money to spend in the transfer market in a way that the majority of his predecessors have.

Reacting to the continuing Martinez links while speaking exclusively to Goodison News he said: “I think it’s an interesting one, looking to go back I don’t think is wise myself.

“For the first time in a long time Everton have a manager who gets the club.

“The key is, you’ve backed all these other managers, are you going to back Lampard?

“That’s the key. He’s not been backed. Everton have spent a hell of a lot of money, a fortune, before Lampard. 

“Give Frank Lampard the opportunity to build something is what I would say, but we know what football’s like. 

“It can happen, and Roberto Martinez is probably a lot more experienced now that he’s been national team manager for Belgium but still the history says he started off pretty well at Everton and then it ended pretty badly.

“So I think give the current man a chance.

“Everton keep hiring and firing, they keep doing the same thing, something has to change. 

“You change by backing your manager.”

Whether Lampard is the man for the long term or not it seems pretty unlikely that reverting back to Martinez is the answer.

He may have gained more experience but has benn widely seen as lucky to be in charge of one of the World’s leading international sides for the past six years, with a third place finish at the 2018 World Cup all he has to show from from a team containing the likes of Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne.

Lampard may be under pressure again now after a poor run of form, with doubts over his job increasing, but he kept the team in the Premier League last year and has largely connected with the fanbase.

However, he will need to improve results after the World Cup break very quickly or more of his own fans may start to lose patience in the same way the travelling support did after the last defeat at Bournemouth (12 November).