By George Overhill

29th Nov, 2022 | 9:20pm

Frank Lampard job security update emerges amid Everton strategic review

Frank Lampard has been part of the planning for the January transfer window at Everton so he is unlikely to be sacked, believes the Liverpool Echo’s Joe Thomas.

The Toffees boss staggered into the World Cup break off the back of a miserable run of form that culminated in back-to-back three-goal defeats away at Bournemouth, with travelling supporters in revolt.

Farhad Moshiri has been through six permanent managers before the ex-Chelsea man and a further defeat in December will increase sacking speculation, which Thomas feels will put the club’s strategic review, aimed at moving away from a culture of hiring and firing, to the test.

Answering a question on Lampard’s job security if results don’t improve after the World Cup in the Echo’s Q&A on Monday (28 November) he said: “If they get off to a bad restart then this will be the biggest test of the club’s strategic review. Much-vaunted internally, it called for a complete change in approach – patience, rebuild from the bottom, look for long-term, sustainable improvement.

“Whoever is in charge at Everton will likely need several windows to overhaul the squad and this is one Lampard has been involved in the planning of.

“So if the restart goes badly it will be a big test of nerve because to look elsewhere would undermine the new approach said to have been taken on by the board.”

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He went on: “Whatever happens, and with the caveat Farhad Moshiri ultimately has the final say, I think a manager has to be given time and patience to seriously improve Everton and I don’t think there will be an appetite to dismiss Lampard unless it is genuinely believed there is no alternative.”

Heat is on

Clearly it would be better for everyone concerned if the Boxing Day game against Wolves is simply won, to lift the gloom around the team and avoid putting the strategic review under stress.

There is plenty of room for improvement currently, and while results are bad there is scope for Toffees fans to want a change.

But after years of frequent change under Moshiri the proof appears to be evident that it hasn’t worked, and with Roberto Martinez apparently the potential replacement it doesn’t seem like a change would be a sensible decision.

The former Everton boss is currently presiding over a Belgium side that appears to be imploding at the World Cup [RTL Sport], but while Moshiri is in charge he could always spring a surprise.

Lampard has surely done enough in difficult circumstances to be backed through the tough times, and there now appears to be some long-term planning with the ex-England international at the heart.

A loss to Wolves will ramp the pressure up externally to a huge degree, but at this point all that matters is how the mood is inside the club, both in the dressing room and the board room.