By Dan Plumley

2nd Dec, 2022 | 9:10am

Finance Expert: Everton fans could be exploited as season tickets prices increased again

We’re delighted to welcome football finance expert Dr Daniel Plumley as our exclusive columnist. Each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Everton...

Dan Plumley has insisted that Farhad Moshiri may be exploiting Everton fans by increasing the price of the season tickets yet again for the 2023-24 season.

The Finance Expert admitted that performances on the pitch have not improved or increased to justify that hike, although some fans will still cough up the cash.

Moshiri and the board made the decision to increase season ticket prices by 10% despite fighting off relegation last season and things not going much better this time around.

“Performances on the pitch have not been fantastic on the pitch in recent seasons,” he exclusively told Goodison News.

“I think the bigger thing is always with season ticket prices, even more so now in the price of living crisis, and incomes being squeezed then you see the narratives that Premier League clubs can play in empty stadiums and still generate a profit, that’s what upsets fans more than anything.

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“They know that the club don’t need to increase season ticket prices, they increase them as they are trying to squeeze the margins on it, we get that, and we get that every other bit of extra income can be regenerated into the playing squad, it’s just given everything and their short-term performance, you run the risk of really upsetting the fans and alienating a few.

“It always goes back to the general argument that clubs know that they will always have the core group of fans that will buy tickets no matter what, so the chances of squeezing them and exploiting them is always there, it’s just whether or not you go for that but, all things considered, most fans will say that is a difficult one to justify.”

This was a very bold move.

Everton fans won’t take too it lightly either, but the passion of the support will no doubt sell out Goodison Park and then the Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium with ease in years to come.

Moshiri must back the club and promise that it won’t end up in the Championship though, that would be a complete disaster at every single level.