Farhad Moshiri and Bill Kenwright have got Everton in a “bad spot” despite over £500million spent says Kevin Campbell, amid calls for them to leave the club.

Alan Stubbs was asked on Friday (6 January) by talkSPORT host Jim White what his message to the Toffees owner would be, and he answered: “Sell up, it’s as simple as that Jim. The fans have had enough, not just with Mr Moshiri but with the board that are there now. Bill Kenwright. Denise Barrett-Baxendale.”

And fellow-former Everton captain Campbell, a Sky Sports pundit, gets why there is so much “flack flying” after so long where the same mistakes have been repeated.

He exclusively told Goodison News: “There have been struggles because of some of the things that have gone on. Everton have spent virtually as much as anybody else.

“And they still find themselves in this position, so that’s where the questions come from [from] the Evertonians.

“We’ve spent a hell of a lot of money, over £500million, and here we are still battling relegation. It doesn’t make sense.

“There’s always going to be flack flying when things aren’t going right, and Moshiri to be fair to him has put his money where his mouth is.

“He’s obviously in a difficult situation right now. He’s been talking about selling the club.

“And Bill Kenwright has always been a figure there who people can look at and take a dig at, because he’s passionate about it.

“He’s passionate about Everton and look where Everton are. So people can always look at that and say, ‘This shouldn’t be happening under your tenure.’

“I get it. People are frustrated. We all want Everton to do well, to hit the ground running and improve, but I still think there’s some fundamentals that need to be addressed.

“And I think Frank Lampard needs to be given the opportunity to address them.

“You can always make mistakes, but if you keep making the same one and expecting a different outcome you’re in a bad spot.”

Stubbs was speaking for, and as part of, the Everton fanbase and his passionate and searing criticism of the club’s ownership could not have been clearer.

Moshiri has spent, and Kenwright cares, but what good is any of that if it takes the club out of the top flight for the first time in seven decades?

Even with the best will in the world the writing looks like it is on the wall for the Everton board and things will only get more difficult the longer the situation drags on.