By Daniel Feliciano

21st Jan, 2023 | 3:46pm

Robbie Savage reacts to controversial incident during Everton clash with West Ham United

Robbie Savage believes Everton should have had a penalty in the first half of their Premier League clash with West Ham, while live on BT Sport.

The Toffees were on the attack midway through the opening half when Alex Iwobi’s cross was seemingly cut out by the arm of defender Angelo Ogbonna, but nothing was given despite a brief check by VAR.

However while watching the game live on BT Sport Score (21 January, 15:18), Savage reacted to seeing the replays and declared that it should have been a penalty to Everton with Peter Walton agreeing that there should have been a closer check by VAR.

“This is so interesting,” he said.

“I think it’s Ogbonna the defender. The ball gets put into the box from the right hand side, Iwobi, and Ogbonna seems to slip and as he slips his right arm comes out and I think it’s where its hit him.

“I’ll tell you what. I’m not so sure. It’s not been given so it doesn’t matter. Oh, it’s handball.

“We’re just seeing the replay there and it’s hit him in that part of the arm where you arm bends.”

Peter Walton then gave his verdict, and believed VAR should have taken a closer look.

“It certainly should have stopped the game for a moment to have a look at it because, as Robbie said there, the defender has slipped and as he has slipped his arm has instantly gone out towards the ball.

“It’s where it’s hit him. It looks as though it’s hit him on the top of the arm.”

Savage then quickly interrupted, claiming, “no it hasn’t, no it hasn’t, no it hasn’t Pete.”

Walton then continued to suggest that VAR should have taken a closer look.

“Andre Marriner will see the same broadcasting pictures that we’ve seen, he comes with an opinion. I actually think that maybe he should have slowed that down and given Stuart Atwell a second opinion.”


It’s no surprise that Everton have been let down by the officials once again in a huge game, and then minutes later we’re the victims when a razor close decision goes against us.

Ogbonna’s arm is quite clearly out and away from his body and not in a natural position, and while he doesn’t intentionally swing his arm at it he stops the ball going past him. That’s a penalty.

We’ve had big problems with officials and VAR in the past and it’s rearing its ugly head again, in the biggest moments of the season.

We need a win here and the performance in the first half wasn’t good enough to get that, but getting that penalty could have changed the game entirely.

The second half must be far better and Lampard has to find a way to get a reaction at the break, rather than doing what he usually does and make us go the other way to concede early in the second half, or his job will be at risk before he gets to use Arnaut Danjuma.