By Daniel Feliciano

23rd Jan, 2023 | 1:10pm

Arnaut Danjuma wants assurances that David Moyes will not replace Frank Lampard as Everton manager

Arnaut Danjuma wants assurances that David Moyes will not replace Frank Lampard as manager of Everton if he’s sacked before he signs, says talkSPORT’s Alex Crook.

The Toffees are said to be close to confirming a deal to sign the Dutch international as their first January signing on loan from Villarreal as they look to battle against relegation this season.

But speaking on talkSPORT (23 January, 12:11pm), Crook shared that the player’s move has yet to be officially confirmed yet because the player wants assurances on who the manager will be should reports that Lampard will be sacked come true.

“That I was told on Saturday that it was pretty much a done deal, but it still hasn’t been formally confirmed by Everton yet,” he said.

“I was also told Danjuma was seeking assurances, not necessarily that Frank Lampard would be the manager, but he had a particular manager that he didn’t want to come in and replace Lampard. So he wanted assurances that that wouldn’t be happening.

“So we wait to see if Danjuma will come in.”

Jim White then asked him to clarify his comments on whether Danjuma was demanding that a specific manager wasn’t brought in.

“Exactly that,” he said.

“He wanted assurances that this particular manager wouldn’t be coming into the football club because he basically didn’t want to play under him.

“It’s an interesting narrative. It’s a fairly high profile manager I’ll say that.”

When pressed for a name by White and Simon Jordan, Crook dropped a hint that it was David Moyes.

“Lets just say that it was David Moyes who blocked Danjuma’s move to West Ham in the summer, so that might give you a clue.”


Player power isn’t a new thing, but someone who isn’t even part of the club yet making these sorts of demands is pretty crazy.

Danjuma would no doubt he a huge signing for the club and would certainly help in the battle against relegation, but if Lampard is to be sacked then he should have no say on who replaces him.

Moyes would no doubt be a manager of interest to the board, and while fans would be split on his potential return, allowing a player to dictate who comes in is simply crazy.

If the club agree to those demands at Everton then it is simply another sign of how poorly this club is run and proves beyond reasonable doubt that new faces are needed in the boardroom and at executive level.

Moyes isn’t likely to be the favourite to come in and after beating us at the weekend he’s safer at West Ham now anyway, but this is another crazy twist in what has been a mental transfer window for Everton.