By Matthew Shaw

24th Jan, 2023 | 8:10am

Everton contacted Mauricio Pochettino during the World Cup break to see if he would be interested in the head role at Goodison Park, according to the Daily Mail.

The newspaper reported in its print edition [January 24, pg. 70] that the Argentine turned down the opportunity before Frank Lampard was even sacked.

Lampard did get his marching orders on Monday 23 January, and Pochettino’s hero, Marcelo Bielsa, is among those considered favourites for the role already.

The report read: “In the main, this squad has stopped responding.

“That was clear last November when back-to-back defeats at Bournemouth sent them into the World Cup hiatus under a dark cloud. An enquiry was made at one stage during it to see if Mauricio Pochettino would be interested, but he wasn’t.

“Pochettino always cites Bielsa as his greatest inspiration and perhaps it will be the sorcerer rather than the apprentice who takes this job on.”


This is another example of Farhad Moshiri thinking his cash can solve any issue, and it also proves that he has learned absolutely nothing during his time in charge at Goodison Park.

Time and time again, the owner just tries to throw money at the problems.

Imagine how big the wages would have been if he had welcomed Pochettino to Goodison Park, with no guarantee that he has what it takes for a relegation scrap.

Bielsa’s wages will no doubt be huge too, but at least he has the experience of working lower down in the Premier League as things turn more than desperate for Everton.

Everton don’t need big flashy names right now, they need someone who can come in, get stuck into this failing squad and turn them into a team that are hard-to-beat and can climb the table.

The sooner Moshiri realises that, the better, because right now, he is somehow getting even worse.