By Anthony Onifade

14th Mar, 2023 | 8:10pm

Farhad Moshiri could be 'massively at odds' with MSP as Everton investment news emerges

Everton majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri could be “massively at odds” with MSP Sports Capital after news emerged that the group’s potential investment at Goodison could be unlikely, according to Richard Buxton.

iNews revealed on 22 February that MSP Sports Capital, the firm, headed by Jahm Najafi, have been in communication with Moshiri over the purchase of as much as a quarter of the club, valued at £105million.

Negotiations were understood to be at an advanced stage. However, The Esk reported via Twitter on Tuesday afternoon [14 March] that MSP’s interest in investing in the club “has wained” and “must be considered unlikely.”

And Merseyside journalist Buxton, took to his personal Twitter account to deliver his views on the development.

He tweeted: “Two ways of looking at this: either MSP are no longer convinced that Everton represents a good investment due to current on and off-field factors (relegation threat, profit & sustainability) or, equally likely, their vision is massively at odds with the majority shareholder/board.”

Here we go again

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It seems like Moshiri’s reputation as Toffees owner is getting the best of him. The club’s poor current state and infrastructure are likely leading to MSP’s disinterest in investing in the club, and it really comes as no surprise.

It is yet another sorry development for the Blues faithful who have been pandering and demanding a sale of the club for so long now.

If MSP Sports Capital no longer want to invest in the club then where do they go from here? How does Moshiri ensure that Everton football club is once again an attractive proposition to buy again?

With the way things are going right now, with the club steeped in yet another relegation battle, those questions will continue to linger for a while longer. Everton fans simply do not deserve all this negativity and lack of transparency from the club board and Moshiri in particular.

They desperately need answers from the horse’s mouth, not from unknown third parties who seem to know more about the club than Moshiri himself.