By Pranav Shahaney

25th Mar, 2023 | 9:10pm

Farhad Moshiri risks breaking the law if he does not come out of hiding and explain the current Everton situation after Premier League’s statement.

According to Paul from the Esk, who has worked as a journalist at the Liverpool Echo, The Observer and the Examiner, section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 states that as the owner he has a duty to protect the shareholders, employees and suppliers.

By saying nothing as the club is in jeopardy of a points deduction for allegedly breaking the Profit & Sustainability rules, Moshiri is clearly not doing himself any favours.

Paul wrote, “Their silence has never been acceptable. Today it is even less so. They, the directors, have a duty to act also. They have a duty to promote the interests of the company, to protect the interests of stakeholders including shareholders, employees and suppliers.

“This duty is enshrined in law, section 172 of the Companies Act 2006.

“Moshiri, as heavily invested as he is, has to act – he has to get the club to a position where it can be sold to suitable committed owners. He can start that process by appointing a number of emergency, interim directors, experienced in corporate recovery and turnaround.

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“He can demonstrate to the Premier League, the players, the manager, employees and equally importantly the fans his commitment to turning around a desperate situation.”

Things were already not going well at Everton and this is further adding to the jeopardy, making it a completely messy situation.

There were hopes that news investors would be the saviours and take the club to the next level but that now seems impossible.

Due to the current situation, no fresh investment will be made into the club, leaving Moshiri with all the responsibilities and plenty of questions to answer.

It’s about time that he’s held to account and there should be a meeting with the fans who can express their grievances in person.

This is a club that’s known to do all the right things historically but the current owner appears to be ostrasicing the supporters and making the Toffees laughing stocks of the Premier League.