By Callum O'Connell

18th Sep, 2023 | 3:10pm

Everton concerns rise as Hertha Berlin fans protest 777 Partners ownership

Hertha Berlin fans have become the latest supporter group to protest against the ownership of 777 Partners, as they displayed a banner sharing their disapproval, as concerns continue to rise at Everton.

This comes just weeks after fans of Standard Liege, another 777-owned club, held their own protests from the stands, in what should be a concerning development for Everton fans.

As shared by the Daily Mail on 17 September, the banner displayed by Hertha fans read: “Wander: Insurance for football fans? Our investments are called identity and co-determination. Josh Wander, the only thing we assure you of is our disapproval of you.”

The long line of issues surrounding the potential ownership of Josh Wander and 777 Partners continues to grow by the day, with more concerns arising around their suitability to own Everton Football Club, based on a number of controversies.

Wander prides himself on the acquisition of what he sees as depressed assets – historically large football clubs that have fallen away and could be revived to their former glories.

However, the situation at Hertha Berlin and Standard Liege in particular suggests that the plan is not necessarily going the way Wander intended, as both have faced continued struggles rather than any improvement under his ownership and guidance, prompting the recent protests.

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Separate concerns surrounding Wander and 777 Partners’ takeover include a late £900,000 payment to the British Basketball League [Daily Mail, 13 September], a ‘no contest’ plea to drug offences [Daily Mail], debt repayments owed as a result of loans to Farhad Moshiri [Daily Mail, 16 September].

With these concerns mounting on top of now-regular protests from some of the other football clubs under their ownership, distrust has certainly hit new levels at Goodison Park.

In other Everton news, Leon Osman was highly critical as the Toffees were “miles off it” against Arsenal.