By George Overhill

18th Sep, 2023 | 11:40am

Jim White shares 777 Partners 'red flags' heard over the weekend as Simon Jordan issues worrying Everton takeover verdict

777 Partners “are to be avoided” by Everton and Farhad Moshiri despite the takeover agreement, according to Jim White, based on information he received over the weekend.

The talkSPORT host was speaking live on the station Monday morning (18 September) to share that he had received concerning updates over the previous few days on the company looking to buy the club, with Simon Jordan agreeing that he would be “very careful” and he believes the Premier League will be as well with their decision to allow the deal to proceed or not.

White said he had received a “cautionary note” suggesting that the Miami-based firm don’t have “real funds” and don’t have plans to build anything “real” at Everton, calling those updates “red flags to say the very least”, and Jordan admitted there was “substance” behind the warnings.

White said (10.09am): “I got information over the weekend on 777 Partners and if anything by the sounds of it they’re to be avoided, by Moshiri and by Everton.”

“They’re two different things, Jim. Moshiri and Everton are two different things,” replied Jordan.

The former Crystal Palace chairman suggested Moshiri may want the best for Everton as far as he gets paid down the line, but essentially he just wants out.

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“It’s easy to do a deal with Farhad Moshiri,” he continued, “he wants to run away like Wile E. Coyote. He wants to get out of Everton, don’t be under any illusion that he doesn’t…

“This is the archetypal frying pan and fire situation for Everton.”

“It’s that bad is it?” White replied.


It should be noted that 777 Partners have wholly rejected any of the concerns put directly to them, and clearly they believe they will have the cash behind them to complete a deal or they wouldn’t have signed the agreement with Moshiri.

Additionally it is impossible to say for certain what sort of owners they would be at Goodison Park ahead of time, but the repeated warnings that they are not the answer at Everton won’t do anything to reassure fans.

After another defeat at the weekend, 1-0 at home to Arsenal, there is little good news on the pitch to distract the fanbase, and worrying projections off the pitch just keep coming.

The current regime frankly needs changing since Everton are now regularly battling to even keep themselves in the top flight, while racking up huge losses off it which they contend are permitted but the Premier League and rivals suggest are not.

But it seems to be the way with the Toffees in recent years that however miserable the situation becomes there is always scope for it to get worse.

Perhaps the doom and gloom will prove to be misplaced, but the last thing this club needs after the chaos of the Moshiri reign is for him to jump at the only opportunity to get out that he has and it signs Everton up for even worse to come.

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