By Daniel Feliciano

18th Nov, 2023 | 6:10pm

777 Partners are not willing to foot the bill from any legal action if Leeds, Burnley or Leicester win a case against Everton following their FFP breach, say the Daily Mail.

The Toffees were docked ten points by the Premier League for breaching profit and sustainability rules, and the three clubs have pushed ahead with their plans to sue Everton for £100m each due to the ruling.

But according to a report on Saturday 18 November, 777 Partners have made it clear they are not willing to pay a compensation bill owing to the case despite committing to provide around £20m per month to help the club with running costs while their takeover bid is assessed.

“Everton’s prospective buyers 777Partners have committed to providing around £20million-a-month to help with the club’s running costs whilst the Premier League are assessing their takeover bid, but Mail Sport has learned that they would not be willing to pay a compensation bill that could run into tens of millions of pounds,” they wrote.


How anyone can expect this takeover to be approved is beyond us, because 777 Partners clearly don’t care about Everton Football Club.

Granted, this situation isn’t on them. They weren’t part of the problem and it should be on Farhad Moshiri and his cronies to foot the bill for the club should any compensation be owed due to this impending legal case.

However, it’s clear to everyone with eyes and common sense that 777 Partners are just in this for a quick payday and want to own the club so they can leverage it to make a quick profit – not make us successful.

Unfortunately though, the Premier League have now made it clear that they don’t care either. They’ve made an example of the club with this ruling which is wholly unjustified and disproportionate and won’t go back on themselves for fear of looking weak.

We’re in big trouble financially now and despite the fact the hearing made it clear that Everton gained no sporting advantage from the breach, we’re about to suffer massively for it.

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