By Callum O'Connell

19th Nov, 2023 | 8:10pm

Alan Myers fumes at 'disproportionate' Everton punishment in new rant

Alan Myers has once again hit out at the decision to hand Everton a 10-point deduction, labelling the punishment excessive and disproportionate.

The Sky Sports journalist took to Twitter to express his frustration at the decision, claiming it was not about overspending, mismanagement, or sporting advantages, but just about giving a severe punishment.

The Premier League have set a benchmark with the decision, with Manchester City and Chelsea undergoing investigations for similar breaches, with Everton’s punishment setting the tone for harsh treatment.

Myers wrote via his personal Twitter account on 19 November: “The 10 point deduction is not about: overspending, mismanagement, sporting advantage, or whether there was guilt or not.

“Simply, it’s about an excessive, disproportionate and unreasonable punishment for the offence committed.”

Frustration clouding judgement

Since the points deduction was handed to Everton, there has been a fair bit of frustration from many associated with the club, and that can often cloud judgment and the view of the bigger picture in favour of a Goodison-focused outlook.

While the punishment is harsh and severe in comparison to the offence committed, it has become clear that the Premier League are attempting to set a precedent when it comes to punishments for breaches such as this one.

If, or when, the ongoing Manchester City and Chelsea are concluded, the punishments handed out are not proportionate in comparison to this one, then, by all means, let your frustrations be heard, because that would represent an unfair sanction, but until that time, the bigger picture is key.

Being docked ten points is never a positive, but positives can be taken. Myers wrote previously on Twitter [17 November] in reaction to the news that the call could motivate the players to rally behind the club, and now is the time for that to happen.

In other Everton news, Peter Reid has claimed jobs could be lost over the punishment.