By Dan Carter

19th Nov, 2023 | 3:38pm

Ex-FA chief David Dein rages at Everton situation live on talkSPORT, makes 'extortion' accusation

Former Arsenal and FA chief David Dein has slammed the punishment given to Everton for breaches of financial fair play, describing it as “excessive”.

The Toffees were deducted 10 points on Friday 17 November having been adjudged to have broken the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules, leaving them 19 in the league and a point away from avoiding relegation.

Everton had lost £124.5 million when Premier League sides can only lose £105 million and Dein believes that the decision to deduct the Toffees 10 points over £19 million discrepancy seems like “extortion” given football’s financial landscape.

Speaking on talkSPORT (19 November, 10:05) he said: “I thought the penalty was excessive, I’d probably go as far to say over the top to me for what is involved, obviously they will appeal and personally, I hope they will be successful.

“It’s all about proportionality, the penalty should always have a reaction against the crime and what is the proportion there? There was Covid, they’re building a new stadium and in the scheme of things it was all about £19 million.

“When you think about how much money is being spent in football today, it’s not an extraordinary amount of money. To me, it seems like extortion, but there you are.

“I think it’s a great shame for the game that we’re now talking about legal action rather than what goes on on the field of play. We want see the game healthy but that has to be law and order, there has to be governance, there has to be integrity there has to be transparency and that’s important.”


Dein was never likely to completely slate the Premier League in this interview, given his former role as Arsenal chief and a member of the league’s board for several years, but it is clear that even he as somebody close to the game believes this punishment is too much.

There is no doubt that Everton have been made an example of to show other teams that they cannot break the rules and to ensure that those in power don’t believe that the league needs an independent regulator to run the behind-the-scenes admin for them.

Of course, there has to be governance and law and order as Dein said, but it feels like the wild west in English football currently and the only way you can be sure to avoid punishment is through having the best lawyers in the game, just like Manchester City.

While the independent commission sanctioned the punishment it must be remembered that the Premier League initially wanted a 12-point deduction, so they are by no means able to wash their hands of this mess.

Hopefully, the Toffees will have enough left in their tank to dodge the drop this season, but should they receive a further points deduction it could be a worrying time for Sean Dyche’s side.

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