By Callum O'Connell

19th Nov, 2023 | 6:10pm

Robbie Fowler: Manchester City fans should want fast-tracked investigation amid Everton crisis

Manchester City fans should be looking for the process around their alleged financial breaches to be fast-tracked after the Premier League used Everton to set a benchmark, according to Robbie Fowler.

The former Liverpool striker shared his view that City fans will not want to continue to support their team under the shadow of suspicion after the focus turned to them following the 10-point deduction for Everton.

The punishment given to the Toffees has led to an instant clamour from fans to see the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea punished accordingly for their respective financial investigations.

Fowler was writing via his column in the Sunday Mirror [19 November, pg 72/73], where he shared: “In my opinion, even Manchester City fans should be looking for the process to be fast-tracked as quickly as possible.

“Why? Well, dirt can be difficult to wipe clean. Do City fans really want to continue to support their team under this shadow of suspicion?

“The Everton and City cases are completely different. And let’s not forget that Chelsea are now back in the dock. But what I will say is that the Premier League have set a benchmark with the punishment that’s been handed down to Everton. There’s no going back for them now.”

Everton used to set the tone

While fans and in fact, the club will feel Everton’s punishment of a 10-point deduction for just one breach of financial regulations is a harsh punishment, it is clear they are being used as a benchmark to set the tone for how other clubs will be punished.

This decision will allow, and even perhaps force, the Premier League to give stronger punishments to Chelsea and City if they are also found guilty of their alleged breaches, which will be determined by the same disciplinary board in the coming months.

While it won’t be great from an Everton point of view that they have been used as a lab rat to gauge reaction to harsher punishments, it may be somewhat of a respite that there will likely be other clubs caught up in a similar situation to them soon.

Another thing to ease the nerves of fans will be the form of their side so far this season relative to those now around them, and there will be a belief that they can still survive despite the punishment.

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