By Harri Burton

20th Nov, 2023 | 4:10pm

Everton may be punished again as officials in constant talks already

Everton could be at risk of more punishment with the Premier League warning clubs that they can be penalised for breaching profit and sustainability rules in consecutive seasons, according to The Times.

Following their ten-point deduction, Everton are expected to lodge an appeal against the Premier League’s ruling for failing to stay in line with their spending regulations.

There could be further punishment for the Toffees, however, who moved from 14th to 19th in the league standings due to the point deduction when their next accounts are published.

The Times also shared that the commission found that the club had made a loss of £19.5million more than the £105million permitted over a three-year period, with multiple rounds of legal talks taking place between Everton officials since Friday.

A sticky situation for the Toffees

The Premier League has asked for visibility of each club’s accounts to determine profit and compliance, despite accounts ending June 2023 needing to be filed by March next year.

Even despite the sale of Anthony Gordon to Newcastle United for £45million last January, it would appear that Everton are in danger of facing further consequences, ones far greater than their already-10-point deduction.

The club will be hoping that these very public behind-the-scenes ongoings do not affect Everton’s performances on the pitch, with the side needing wins even more now.

Sean Dyche and his players have been playing well, even with this cloud looming over their heads, but even though they are expected to make it out of the relegation zone quickly, the uncertainty surrounding Goodison Park right now is not doing anyone any favours.

In other Everton news, an agent has brought up the courts and legal precedent after the Toffees have decided to appeal the decision.