By Daniel Lewis

20th Nov, 2023 | 2:40pm

Ex-Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson rages at Everton legal news as Leeds United twist emerges

Former Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has accused David Phillips KC of having a “conflict of interest” after he ruled Leeds United can take legal action against Everton.

In wake of the Toffees being docked a record 10 points by the Premier League last week, it has since emerged that the likes of Leeds, Leicester City, Southampton, Burnley and Nottingham Forest could each sue the club.

Phillips ruled in May, prior to the case being heard, that the clubs could apply for compensation through the Premier League if Everton were found to have breached financial rules.

However, in a post on his personal Twitter page on Monday (20 November), Anderson said: “Commission lead David Phillips KC who acted for Leeds UTD in their 15 Point controversy in 2007 clearly has a conflict of interest with his links with client Leeds yet Phillips is the judge &jury of Everton&said in May that if EFC guilty Leeds could have a compensation claim.”


Anderson does have a point in that Phillips clearly has an association with Leeds, even if it goes no further than that previous case some 15 years ago.

It would be easy to argue that Phillips is a professional who can easily put personal feelings – if any – aside, but at the same time it just adds to the Toffees’ frustrations.

For while being docked 10 points has angered the fanbase, that is nothing compared to the threat of having to pay out up to £300m to aggrieved rivals.

That could easily mean the club entering administration, and who knows what happens from that point?

In the Leeds example, the Whites still would have been relegated last season even if Everton had been deducted 10 points, although they will of course argue that the Toffees benefited from the previous year’s overspend.

It is all very complicated and messy, and the worrying part is that the worst may still be yet to come.

In other Everton news, a high-profile Liverpool figure has hit out at the Premier League’s “ludicrous” decision.