By Dan Carter

20th Nov, 2023 | 7:40pm

Simon Jordan offers Everton appeal verdict live on talkSPORT

Simon Jordan has offered his verdict on whether Everton should appeal their point deduction, suggesting the Toffees should move on.

Sean Dyche’s side were deducted 10 points after an independent commission found them guilty of breaking the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules, seeing the Toffees slip from 14th to 19th in the table.

While Everton have already signalled their intention to appeal the decision, Jordan has suggested that the Goodison Park-based club may be better off taking its medicine and moving on, instead of dragging out the process.

Speaking on talkSPORT (20 November, 10:40) he said: “There are two schools of thought isn’t there. There’s the school of thought that this is maybe the right time to take your medicine because medicine is required, there’s no doubt.

“There’s a distinct possibility that if you appeal and you appeal properly and you can fashion your appeal in a fashion that reduces points, then it would be worth taking. I don’t think there’s a jeopardy that if you appeal something they come back with a bigger offence.

“I think given the state of the division, they are better served moving on and galvanising themselves.

“Given they are two points away from the other side, showing that they’ve got the current form under Sean Dyche and the repose from the players, they would probably be better served allowing this to pass and moving on in a better direction. “

Might as well appeal

While Jordan is right to suggest that it looks as though the Toffees will already have enough to avoid the drop this season, if there is no threat of the punishment growing as a result of the appeal, Everton may as well have a crack at lowering their penalty.

Before the points were deducted, most had concluded that the Toffees would have more than enough talent at their disposal to dodge the drop and continue to climb the Premier League table. If they could lessen the point deduction, the chance of relegation would reduce massively.

If there was some jeopardy that a failed appeal could see the deduction swell to 12 or even more points, then Everton would have a decision to make, but currently, it feels as though an appeal can do no harm and is worth a chance.

Dycher has been able to ensure that the focus of his side has always remained on the pitch rather than what is happening above them at Goodison and there is no reason for that to change now. If they keep winning games, it ultimately won’t matter what the result of an appeal ultimately is.

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