By George Overhill

21st Nov, 2023 | 7:10am

Dele Alli talks under threat amid Tottenham fury over 'absurd' Richarlison transfer accusation at Everton hearing

Tottenham are unhappy with the “absurd” claim that they took advantage of Everton over the transfer of Richarlison and talks over Dele Alli are now under threat, according to the Daily Mail.

Matt Hughes reported for the paper’s website on 20 November that an agreement between the two clubs was “less likely” in the wake of the fallout from the independent commission hearing where Spurs were partly “blamed”.

Everton had argued as part of the mitigation for their breach of profit and sustainability rules that Daniel Levy had been able to sign Brazilian striker Richarlison for £20m less than the £80m value they had expected to sell him for.

The claim was rejected by the commission and has now reportedly “damaged the reputation” between the two clubs, when no agreement had yet been reached of the future of Dele amid talks initiated last month of the fee due if he plays seven more games.

According to Hughes Tottenham don’t want to prevent the 27-year-old from reviving his career at Everton but are “adamant” the financial problems at Goodison Park are all of the Toffees’ own making so a deal on the pending £10m payment may not now happen.

Dele moved in a potential £40m transfer with no fee up front during the 2022 January window [Sky Sports].

Collateral damage

Of all the Toffees’ arguments to support their case at the hearing this one feels like one of the weakest, and looks like it could have highly-damaging knock-on effects.

Covid-19, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, attempting to build a new stadium at an unfortunate time, and losing players through no fault of the club, all contribute to a viable feeling that the club has been harshly treated with a record-breaking 10-point penalty.

Richarlison’s exit was painful enough for fans since he had built up a special relationship with Evertonians and had scored the goals to keep the club in the Premier League, and there was a feeling he should have cost more.

But when it was widely known that the Toffees were rushing his sale through before the end of June for accounting purposes it was an obvious buyer’s market.

Since that argument has ultimately done the club no good in front of the commission they must be wishing they had omitted it entirely if it has also burned bridges with Spurs and potentially robbed them of the opportunity to reintegrate a high-quality midfielder.

Dele is set to be the main victim in this as his difficult first two years of the club looked like they might be behind him as he teased hopes of an impactful return to the field.

For that to have potentially been snatched away a matter of days later would be another major blow to him, and to Sean Dyche, and unless there is a softening of the stance in North London it could even end Dele’s Toffees career.

In other Everton news, despite the turmoil engulfing the club Matt Slater has detailed a “special” way out of trouble even if the 777 takeover falls through.