By Daniel Lewis

21st Nov, 2023 | 9:40am

777 Partners advised by lawyers as 'surprise' Everton headlines emerge

777 Partners has been advised by its lawyers to not make any public comments on the situation at Everton after reacting with “surprise” to recent headlines, according to iNews.

Everton were last week docked 10 Premier League points, leading to suggestions that the American investment fund intended to withdraw its plans to buy out Farhad Moshiri.

However, Mark Douglas reported for the English newspaper on Tuesday (21 November) that those claims are wide of the mark, with the possibility of a points deduction already factored into any deal.

The report read: “One thing that can be cleared up, though, is their commitment to the takeover after weekend reports had claimed they could withdraw from the process if Burnley, Leeds and Leicester decide – as expected – to launch compensation claims after they were relegated in the seasons Everton breached the financial fair play limits.

“777 Partners have been advised by lawyers not to make any public comment on the independent commission’s verdict but it is understood that there was surprise at those headlines.

“As part of a complicated agreement between 777 and Moshiri, the 10-point penalty and possible compensation claims were factored in and their “detailed due diligence” included gaming possible scenarios. Indeed i has been told by multiple sources “nothing has changed” on the takeover front after Friday.”

Some good news

This time last week, the big talking point around Goodison Park was whether 777 Partners would really be the best option to take Everton forward.

The takeover situation has almost taken a back seat following Friday’s (17 November) news of a record points deduction, which now has the Toffees right back in the relegation dogfight.

Whether or not 777 is best for Everton, had the Americans pulled out of a deal at this stage, it would have meant another long wait for a separate process to go through – assuming anyone else is interested in purchasing the club, that is.

777 must pass a number of tests before getting the green light to take over at Goodison, and it is looking as though a decision will be made one way or the other at some point next month.

When factoring in possible court action from other clubs, plus an appeal against the points deduction, it is going to be a busy few months ahead for the the Toffees.

In other Everton news, journalist Matt Slater has shared an administration view after what he has read.