By Pranav Shahaney

21st Nov, 2023 | 7:40am

Everton points deduction news as Leeds United, Burnley and Leicester City make decision

Leeds United, Leicester City and Burnley have made a decision regarding suing Everton for gaining an unfair sporting advantage, according to Paul Brown.

The Josimar journalist told Give Me Sport on 20 November that the clubs have briefed the media and are now set to take action.

The Toffees have been handed a 10-point penalty and they will be appealing that decision.

Brown said, “I think Everton would be foolish not to be worried about potential claims by Leicester, Leeds and Burnley. This has been something that’s been rumbling in the background for a long time now. Those three clubs have been briefing the media about their intention to do this and I’m told they will go through with the threat.

“There was a verdict in a separate hearing, confirming they do have a potential claim. That claim will now be heard as part of this process and while it’s going to be incredibly difficult to quantify the losses that those clubs incurred, the Independent Commission did find that Everton gained a sporting advantage from their overspending.”


Leeds, Leicester, and Burnley have expressed their frustrations regarding Everton’s financial breaches throughout this ongoing case.

Interestingly, David Phillips KC has suggested that Southampton and Nottingham Forest might also have grounds for compensation.

This is ridiculous as every club will now look to make a buck and it’s hard to prove that there was any sporting advantage gained by the Toffees.

The recent announcement, while not entirely unexpected given discussions of a potential transfer ban, signals that this case is far from concluded.

Whether Everton appeals the decision or faces legal action from rival clubs, off-the-field drama seems inevitable.

The resolution of whether Leeds and Leicester have realistic prospects of reclaiming significant sums from Everton will likely become clearer in the near future.

Hopefully, common sense prevails and this mess is put to bed with a less stringent punishment as there’s Manchester City who’re already facing 115 charges of breaching FFP.

In other Everton news, an agent has brought up the courts and legal precedent after the Toffees have decided to appeal the decision.