By George Overhill

21st Nov, 2023 | 6:10pm

Everton takeover news: 777 given £306million to buy club as new update emerges after 10-point deduction

The US insurance company Haymarket has already provided 777 Partners with €350million [£306m] for the purchase of Everton, which they remain “confident” will succeed, according to Josimar.

Paul Brown and Philippe Auclair report for the Norwegian outlet on 20 November that the source of the funding for the takeover is the counter-insurer controlled by Kenneth King, who 777 already owe hundreds of millions via another of his companies, and the amount provided could rise to €500m [£437m] if needed.

After the Toffees were hit by a 10-point deduction for a profit and sustainability breach the Americans are reportedly undeterred over the buy-out and lawyers have even started exchanging documents related to the purchase.

According to Josimar, King is “absolutely crucial” to the Miami-based company due to their struggles to raise capital externally, although an internal source claimed it was “patently false” that they have failed with every capital raise since August 2022.

But further questions among Everton fans are likely since King is currently a defendant in an American civil lawsuit related to a “complex and massive fraud” – King and all other defendants deny the allegations.

777 reportedly see the purchase of Everton as crucial to their entire football portfolio due to how it would make it easier to attract investment, and give them access to the new dockside stadium which they project as having a €1billion [£875m] equity value.

Answers, but more questions

After weeks of mystery over where 777 were supposed to get the money together to complete this purchase it appears there is finally an answer, which should in theory be a positive development.

But as with everything in this process it appears to bring with it yet more questions, and won’t make Josh Wander and Steve Pasko any more suitable as owners in the eyes of many.

If they are set to be on the hook for so much money from a single source it begs the question as to why King is apparently still such a willing lender, and the presence of yet another lawsuit in the equation is surely unwelcome.

It is increasingly clear why 777 are so intent on pushing this takeover through, and their huge equity valuation on the new stadium ties up with The Athletic’s Matt Slater who believes it will be the basis of Everton eventually getting out of financial trouble, but potentially more to the benefit of the owners rather than the club.

Since the Toffees are potentially facing hefty compensation payments to former relegation rivals in the wake of their spending breach the new owners might need access to a huge amount more cash.

It sounds like they can get a decent chunk more from King, but as they are already needing to pump in loans for the day-to-day running of the club as it is it remains to be seen whether it would stretch far enough.

All loans have to be paid back eventually and if King is willingly stumping up hundreds of millions to 777 it is likely to generate fears as to how and when he will expect a return on investment.

In other Everton news, the bizarre absence of Denise Barrett-Baxendale and Grant Ingles from the commission hearing has emerged.