By Pranav Shahaney

21st Nov, 2023 | 8:40am

Paul Merson makes England admission on Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford and Arsenal outcast Aaron Ramsdale

Paul Merson believes that Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale will be the number one for England at EURO 2024 over Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

Despite the Toffees stopper performing sensationally in 2018, 2021 and 2022 in high pressure situations, Merson wants a change less than a year away from a major tournament.

Gareth Southgate has trusted Pickford and is unlikely to make such a radical change ahead of the EUROs next year.

Merson wrote on Twitter, “Strange to think that Ramsdale could be number 1 when the Euros comes around but with only a handful of caps. Tonight’s game would have been perfect for him.”


Merson’s suggestion that Ramsdale could become England’s number one over Pickford seems far-fetched and overlooks the established hierarchy among England’s goalkeepers.

Currently, Pickford holds the top spot and has been a consistent performer for the national team, showcasing his skills in high-pressure situations.

While Ramsdale has had notable performances at the club level in the past, he now seems to be an outcast with Mikel Arteta also favouring David Raya to him.

Moreover, Nick Pope, with his impressive shot-stopping abilities and ball-playing ability for Newcastle, is a more plausible contender for the starting goalkeeper position.

Pope has consistently proven himself as a reliable option and has earned the trust of England’s coaching staff.

Merson’s suggestion appears to downplay the credentials of Pickford and Pope, both of whom have shown their mettle on numerous occasions.

Goalkeeping decisions at the international level are typically based on a combination of form, experience, and reliability, and as it stands, Pickford and Pope remain the more established and credible options.

In other Everton news, an agent has brought up the courts and legal precedent after the Toffees have decided to appeal the decision.