By George Overhill

21st Nov, 2023 | 8:10am

Premier League clubs take aim at Manchester City and Big Six amid 'shock' at 'harsh' Everton punishment

A “general sense of shock” at the punishment meted out to Everton is set to effect proceedings at the Premier League shareholders meeting, according to Miguel Delaney.

The Independent journalist reported via the paper’s website on 20 November that the so-called “other 14” are set to put pressure on the “big six” at the 21 November meeting over their attempted European Super League breakaway, as they look to renegotiate a new funding deal between the top flight at the rest of the football league.

The feeling that the Toffees have been hit by a “punitive” punishment for a single breach of profit and sustainability rules has “temporarily reshaped discussion around divisions that have not been seen since the European Super League plans first surfaced, effectively splitting the old ‘big six’ and the rest” according to Delaney, who reported via Twitter that the “majority” of the league said to believe the points deduction was “harsh”.

The outstanding 115 charges against Manchester City, denied by the treble winners, has until recently helped to reshape the dynamic of the league, with a split thought to be emerging between state-owned City and Newcastle, and the other 18 clubs.

Delaney notes the “irony” of that in light of the Everton decision speeding through – the Toffees referral came after the stack of allegations against City – but reports that the traditional divide between the six would-be Super League sides and the rest is likely to be back in place ahead of the Tuesday vote on funding, as the subject of the investigation into the champions, and now Chelsea, also set to be raised at the meeting.

City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham were only required to pay a collective £22million penalty in the wake of the failed breakaway attempt [Sky Sports].


Despite apparent anger on the part of rivals who have battled Everton in the fight against relegation over the past two years it appears there is an element of support in the wake of the punishment.

Quite where Burnley are set to position themselves will of significant interest given they are the only current top flight side who are reportedly set to claim for damages from the Toffees.

Colin Chong has already signalled the club’s intent to appeal the initial ruling, although there is risk inherent to the follow-up hearing amid the league’s ability to make further arguments and the rival claims to be heard.

It remains to be seen whether a broad feeling among other sides that the current situation is unjust might influence any subsequent actions of Richard Masters and company, or indeed the hierarchy at Turf Moor.

On paper it shouldn’t because but as a political grouping it appears the Super League issue is already set to be connected to the new EFL cash vote, so manoeuvring as a result of the Everton commission hearing is by no means impossible.

And with Everton cracked down on hard for a single breach while struggling at the bottom of the table over the past two seasons while City continue to hold off judgement on over well over 100 times that number while racking up trophies at the top it isn’t hard to link together individual situations.

In other Everton news, a shocked Chris Sutton has warned the Premier League will “never recover” if they follow up the Toffees punishment with a new course of action.